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MartinTrier Technology is a global supplier who manufactures PCB Router, and PCB LASER Marking machine for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) industry nowadays.

MartinTrier was founded in 1968 by Colin Martin. It is a technology pioneer in the automation and laser industry. The main products are; cutting machines, marking machines, laser engraving machines, coding machines, welding machines. Mainly serving electronic technology, automobile manufacturing, plastic industry, mold manufacturing, medical technology, and aviation industry.

In 2005, MartinTrier Technology (Singapore) Co., Ltd. independently operated and focued on the SMT industry. The main products are PCB router and LASER Marking. We have a production and R&D team in Singapore and China. Due to our continuous product development, we have customers in the automotive, aerospace, smart-phone, medical, and EMS field.


MT has over 10 partners in South East Asia and Europe to serve customers all over the world in 30 different countries.

In the future, we will keep progressing to become the leading PCB LASER Marking and PCB Router in the SMT industry.

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